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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tomorrow is holiday, yeah!

Thank you for the break. That means Amy can help me with Zoey. I wished I had that much energy to keep up with her. Right now she is sitting on her kiddie chair, inverted on the floor, holding a pen and writing, at the same time talking to herself or imaginary friends (who knows) in some strange foreign language. Then she is off to the kitchen and talking to Amy who is cleaning up after dinner. Nobody really pays attention to her but that doesn't bother her. So she is saying 'wan sui sui' meaning looking for water in Cantonese. Okay, maybe this new language of hers is a result of Cantonese and Hakka dialects spoken to her. Kids have such great capacity to learn things. Their mind is just like a sponge, absorbing everything and anything thrown at them.

There is a lot to thank for, actually. We are thankful that we still have our shelter to live in and sleep. Others were not so lucky as their homes got destroyed by the wildfire recently. I went jogging around the neighbourhood one morning and noticed that home rebuilding have already begun. Construction workers were busy removing debris in one lot whereas another lot was put up for sale. New picket fences are making their way along the main road outside the neighbourhood. Meanwhile the relief workers are still continuing their work at the Rancho Bernardo-Glassman Recreation Center. And many volunteers helped to prevent soil erosion by laying bags of straw on slopes.

Like the parishioners of Rancho Bernardo Baptist Church (see blog), I am very thankful that its buildings largely survived this terrible episode. I visited the Auditorium (Main Building) several weeks ago and it was a big mess inside. The stage area was basically soaked with water from the fire sprinkler system - which perhaps prevented the fire from getting worse.

(photo from RBBC blogspot)

As for stock traders, I think today we are thankful that we got a little bit of air to breathe. Had the oil price hit $100, there would be pandemonium in the stock market. However, it is probably a good idea to sell a fraction of your big winners and take more money off the table. Don't open new positions or add to existing ones until the market stabilizes. The markets are probably nearing an intermediate term bottom. Maybe when it reaches a tradable bottom in the next weeks, we can start buying new stocks again. Dow theory or no, don't worry too much. For now, take your profit and go do some holiday shopping or donate to some worthy cause or to me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(S&P 500 - no gain for one year?? Sucks!)