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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What the bleep do we know?

Ever wonder why strange coincidences take place? Ever bump into some old friend in the most unlikely place on earth? Ever wonder why someone can tell your destiny by using your birthdate, name, palm, face...anything at all. Ever wonder the show never ends until you make your exit? I think there is a simple explanation to it. I have mentioned this before in my earlier post. I think it is because you created the environment and events yourself. It's hard to believe but why don't you reflect back on the important events in your life. Ask yourself this question: did you wish for certain things to happen and they came true?

I used to be more mainstream in my thinking - by that, I mean, what mainstream science can accept. Like, you can use mathematics and scientific knowledge to explain everything in life. Granted, I still hold dearly to the belief that it is important to apply scientific methods to systematically collect data and draw reasonable conclusions about the physical phenomenon. One of the important tools used in the scientific study is to use control experiments. For example, the doctor gives your some syrup and tell you that you will get better. The next time he gives you some sugar water and tell you the same thing (and you believe him). So here he has a way to verify whether the syrup actually works. Well, maybe it is not as simple as that but I am just giving an example to show that you must put in some control test in order to draw proper conclusions.

Unfortunately, there are some fields or areas where scientific validation is quite difficult to carry out i.e. those which require qualities like intuition, belief or mind-thing for something to happen. I don't claim to understand quantum mechanics but I know something about the uncertainty principle and Schrodinger's cat. I think it basically says that the observer can alter the outcome of the observed. Well, I do know that what you say or think about me can affect my emotion and behaviour, that's for sure for most people. There is this Emoto's experiment with water crystals which seems to show that water does react to thoughts. Controversial? Maybe. I'll keep an open mind. Science is always changing. One minute they say the world is flat. Next minute it is round. And now they tell me it is flat(economical sense, duh).

So, my observation tells me that my thoughts are creating my realities. Hmm, not sure if I am accurate in saying that but basically....I create my realities. You create your realities. Our realities can intertwined with each other. Sounds cliche? How to verify? Don't know yet. I will think about it later. Maybe some Guru will tell me. But the very important message I want to convey across is "what you think, you become". You direct your 'movie' life (duh, can't I say something more original?). A friend forwarded me this interesting video (kinda sensationally done, as usual - TV stations, but interesting, nonetheless).

Maybe some susu kacang for you? Yawn....