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Friday, November 9, 2007

Winter Sonata

A good friend of mine once told me that to have not experienced love is like a tree without flowers or a world without colors. I wonder how many people have experience love before. What does it feel like? Does it make you feel happy? Or does it make you feel sad? Is it a very deep, intense feeling or a steady, okay feeling?

Some people are always chasing after love. For others, love just come to them. I have once asked somebody if it is better to love or to be loved. Her answer was to be loved. What do you think? I had thought before that it must be equally frustrating for someone to be unable to love. You know, that type of relationship where one party is always giving so much. It is as if you are being deprived of the experience to love in return. I guess you only start to miss the person and the relationship when it is no longer there. So elusive this thing called love, isn't it? Perhaps it is when you have experienced a colorless world or a flowerless tree that you begin to understand what love is. Perhaps only when you have felt hurt and lonely that you begin to know what love is and how to appreciate it even more.

There are some really good movies that make you weep to heart's content. Who can forget the movie 'Ghost' (the movie played by Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze - Dirty Dancing and comedic relief provided by Whoopi Goldberg) and that particular heart-wrenching scene with Molly longing for Sam as he makes his exit and the haunting 'Unchained Melody' playing in the background? Korean movie industry is also very good at churning out romantic love stories. I think many of you must have heard of the drama movie - Winter Sonata. It is a tale of two college sweethearts (Kang Joon Sang/Lee Min Hyung and Jung Yujin) who were separated and then reunited many years later in their working lives....not without overcoming many obstacles along the way. There is this other guy (Kim Sang Hyuk) who is also very interested in Yujin. Things got quite complicated when they find out that they could be related to each other. This movie has got great soundtracks like My Memory, Moment etc. and great cinematographies too. I found an essay on google which summarizes why this movie was so popular in Asia, which is an interesting read.

At Susu Kacang Cafe, you can share your views about love or simply enjoy your cup of susu kacang or soybean drink and listen to some good music. Perhaps love is very similar to susu kacang - pure, white and sweet, but if you leave it out for too long, it turns cold, sour and hard.