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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Enchanting Movie

Perhaps it is the pressure of the real world that drove my desire to go watch some movies. Perhaps it is boredom. Perhaps I just like Zoey to experience the movies. No matter what, I have to say - I enjoyed this movie. Enchanted - a Disney animation and live action movie which brings fairy tale fantasy into the real world.

The movie begins with cartoon animation in the Andalasia kingdom where Prince Edward rescues the damsel in distress, Princess Giselle.

Edward's wicked stepmother, Queen Narissa, throws Giselle into a well and she plunges deep into the land where there is no "happily ever after". And that turns out to be Time Square, NYC. Live action begins here.

She meets a charmingly flawed divorce lawyer, Robert, and his daughter, Morgan, as she desperately look for a way back. Later Giselle begins to like him. Meanwhile, Edward also arrives in NYC.

Giselle in real person is wonderfully played by Amy Adams. She can act and dance so well, so much like those Disney princess characters that you see in the cartoons e.g. Snow White.

I was laughing happily when she sang and dance to the "Happy Working Song". Her singing was so good that pigeons, rats and roaches joined in and helped her with cleaning the apartment.

Another wonderful scene was when Giselle and Robert were at the park. Robert mentioned his personal problems with his girlfriend. Giselle advised that he sing his love devotion to his girlfriend. She started singing the "That's How You Know" song. Everyone in the park, young and old, anyone imaginable, joined in the singing and dancing - the Disney fashion.

Gradually, her view about herself and her world changed as she learned to "think". Her cartoon-like innocence was gone. At the same time, she also started to fall in love with Robert.

They go to a ballroom dance. Morgan had earlier helped Giselle to buy new dresses. While everybody was wearing the medieval costumes, she wore a modern design. Anyway, the evil Queen Narissa appeared and poisoned Giselle with a bite on the apple.

Only a true love kiss can save Giselle now.

Warning: Spoiler next.......

So, who is her true love?

Don't read on if you don't want to know.....

Don't say I didn't warn you......

Is it Edward? The prince?

Is it Robert, the lawyer?

Okaylah, maybe I shouldn't say, hahahaha....


Don't we all wish that real life is like a fairy tale fantasy? Where we meet our true love and live happily ever after? Some people say opposites attract. Yet others suggest better to have similar interest. Maybe they mean the same thing.

I think in the movie, Robert was probably a very different person before he became who he was when we first saw him - yes, he said that he changed after his wife left him. Giselle, I think, brought him fun and joy, and relighted the spark to get the fire in him going again.

Similarly, without that fire, a relationship will die in coldness. When you truly love one another, it is easier to maintain your relationship. When there is love, everything is alive - you trust each other, you respect one another, you support one another no matter what the tests are, you give unconditionally, you genuinely care, you deeply understand each other, you can forgive, you are willing to sacrifice your own needs or give up your old habits, you want to share your happiness, you make every day a special day, you will protect each other - the list is endless.

I used to remember a passage from the bible by heart. It is taken from the book of Corinthians, 13:4. Among other things, it says love is not jealous.

If there is no love, wow, it is like - how did that tree get there without a seed in the first place? No, I should say - love grows over time too. So complicated.....

So, perhaps we can learn something from the movie. Go watch it! Let yourself laugh heartily. You deserve it. You'll be enchanted.

(For more pictures, go to Yahoo movies.)