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Friday, December 28, 2007

Warning: Virus attack!

Darn it, I received an email from somebody with an attachment file called "happynewyear2008.exe" and unsuspectingly clicked to open and run it. Sensing something amiss, I immediately googled for information about this file and realized it is a variant of some past virus files. So, please if you received anything like this from me or anyone, do not open or run it. As usual, always let your anti-virus program run to protect you from malicious attacks.

I am going to use the free trial version of anti-virus program from Kapersky to fix it.

Sigh....after I got attacked, now my desktop gets attacked.

If you think you are infected, you may want to get a free online antivirus scan from one or two of these:


Some useful discussions can be found in these sites:
Malware Removal
Kapersky Labs Forum
Alliance of Security Analysis Personnel

Fark, now my cough also getting worse. Need to get my "Pei Pa Koa"