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Friday, January 11, 2008

A Dialogue with Zoey

Papa driving and Zoey sitting at the back.

(Spoken In Hakka)
Zoey: Papa, Mama is working.
Papa: Yeah, Mama is working to earn money.
Zoey: Papa, where's Mama?
Papa: Mama is working at the office.
Zoey: Papa also working?
Papa: Yeah, Papa working for you. Papa makes breakfast and lunch and in betweens, and teach you new things, and play with you.
Zoey: Nahh.
She hands Papa a dime. Papa reaches back to take up the offer.

Zoey: Nahh.
She hands a nickel. Papa smiles and reaches for it again.

Zoey: Nahh.
She hands another dime again.

Zoey: Papa, where we're going?
Papa: Going home (Papa sighs quietly and ponders about the future)

Long silence.

Zoey: Oh. (As if she hears what's on Papa's mind.)