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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boobs for beads

With temperature like that, I ain't going out tonight. It's almost freezing point. Too bad because tonight is Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras day. In New Orleans, I heard that folks down there are pretty wild with the celebrations. Girls show their tits and boobs eagerly when you throw beads at them. Not sure how crazy folks are down in San Diego. The last time I went, I didn't see anything.

The closest thing I saw today was when I was driving along the Miramar Road. There was this blond girl by the roadside waving some advertisement banner over her head and showing off her sexy body. Judging from her shapely body, I suspect the ad is for the topless bar nearby. And when she smiled at me, I forgot that I was driving.

There is a cool website that shows real-time satellite pictures of this continent. I was waiting for it to show me how much area to our east is covered in snow. No wonder it is so cold tonight. I wonder if the girls still flash their boobies on a cold night like that. Oh, I should tell you that Mardi Gras is the day these folks celebrate the end of the Lent season - the partying way.

Tonight is Chinese New Year Eve on the other side of the globe. Following the Chinese tradition, folks return home to celebrate the family reunion with dinner. The occasion is very similar to thanksgiving day in the States. I will talk a little more on this later.

My mother went to see a fortune teller today. This is what the he said:

Rooster: Happy and successful year. There is plain sailing in one's endeavours and family relationship is also good.

Oh well, if it makes me happy.