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Sunday, February 3, 2008

God doesn't require us to succeed....

He only requires that you try.

- Mother Teresa

Nick Vujicic - Life without limbs

Where does our inspiration come from? How do we know when it is here? Will we open our hearts and gladly receive it when it is here?

I remember once when I was really, really down. I felt lost and weak. I wasn't able to sleep. And when I did, I woke up and had great difficulty getting back to sleep again. I couldn't wait for daylight to come.

It was a terrible state to be in. There was a lot of things troubling my mind. I needed to clear my mind.

When morning arrived, I put on my sweater and jogging shoes and set out to Lake Hodges, about two miles away. I guess running or jogging, if you like to call it, had a calming effect on me. It provided me with a way to get rid of all those negative 'energies' in me. Actually a good exercise helps your body release the endorphins, and promotes the feeling of happiness in you.

(There is a great recreational park before the lake. It has three baseball fields, a big soccer field, a dog park, a private tennis and lawn bowling club, indoor and outdoor basketball courts and a nice children's playground.)

So I just ran on the hiking trails for another fifteen minutes before I reached this particular spot. There was a big, old oak tree here with an inspiring view of the lake. I climbed up the tree and just spent some time there.

And it worked.

Like a fish back in the water, I felt a sense of peace with the quiet and serene forest and lake around me. I felt that the noisy clutter that had been playing in mind was gone. I was able to look at things more clearly. And I felt as if somebody was talking reassuring words to me.

Maybe you can call that inspiration. Because moments like these are far and between. And they usually visit when your mind is free to wander. On this occasion, I was inspired to free myself from my shackles of doubt and worry.

What I learned from this experience is that worrying will not help you but to pray for stronger resolve to rise above the challenges. Well, that is one of the mysteries in living. It is not the money or power that makes a person great.

It is faith.

Be inspired by Nick....

So, remember to give your best shot in life......

P.S. I found my inspiration in writing this post from these sites:
Ratana Ong
and my friend who needs a little inspiration.


ratanaong said...

That's a nice shot of Nick. Jogging is a great way to de-stress. The other extreme would be meditation. It has similar effect. Thanks for visiting at RatanaOng's blog.

02.04.08 - 8:10 am

Susu Kacang said...

Thanks for visiting too. That reminds me. I hardly spend time meditating lately. What is the best way to meditate?

02.04.08 - 1:55 pm

zewt said...

hello there.... this nick guy is pretty amazing i must say. i subscribe to his newsletter and they are always very long... have to admit i never finish reading all of them. yes, we should give life our best shot.... but are we really prepare to go all the way?

02.04.08 - 3:22 pm

Susu Kacang said...

Eh, so many guests today...thanks for visiting, Zewt. I think when you think that you have nothing to lose, you will go all the way. Faith is a very powerful thing.

02.05.08 - 1:56 am

zewt said...

i wish you all the best then :)

02.05.08 - 1:24 pm

Susu Kacang said...

hey zewt, i read about your tip about posting once a day to prevent yourself from burning out. but i am amazed how bloggers like you can manage so well for so long e.g. multiple blogs, replying to hundreds of comments. any more secrets to share? i'm still learning...

02.05.08 - 11:22 pm