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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sad state of affairs in Malaysia

Today, as I was browsing the alternative media in Malaysia, I read an article by Lim Kit Siang on the sad situation with universities in Malaysia. Then I went to google for the facts. If you don't believe what he said about Malaysian universities rankings, you can see for yourself in the THES-QS website. What can I say? Malaysian government and the power-that-be really screwed the country big time. Did they forget that education is the key to progress in society? Now, unless the situation is reversed, Malaysia will fall behind even more in the global rat race. Good people will leave for greener pastures. Australia, New Zealand, England, US...wait, Singapore. I wonder what is the population of Malaysians and ex-Malaysians in Singapore.

UM - 230
UKM - 250
USM - 313
UPM - 320
UTM - 356

Other Unis known to me:
NUS - 30
UCLA - 30
UCB - 36
Monash U - 47
UCSD - 58
NTU - 77
Curtin University of Technology - 232
IIT - Kanpur - 242

NUS is leading the pack here. NTU is also not bad. So I am proud of my schools, haha. Hmm, what about UMIST? Hmmm, Seems like it is out of the list. What about University of Life? Not even there. Being a university graduate will not necessarily make you a better person. Only better advantage in landing a job. I know, because I am rather eccentric. Anyway, looking at the list, it does seem to me that Malaysian Universities find some good companies in the 200-300+ division, like Curtin University. Don't know much about the place except that an ex-classmate graduated from there and lectured there.

Maybe the list means that Malaysian Universities need to publish more papers in reputable journals (in English, please!), produce Noble prize winners and other honours. NUS is very capable of publishing papers. It's the publish or perish mantra.

What does that mean for me? Maybe easier for me to go back home and find job?