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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Autumn holiday 2007-Part I

Aug 23 coincides with many things. First of all, on this day two years ago, Zoey was born. This year, it was also an auspicious wedding date for a friend we got to know mostly from badminton. Hah, badminton is a very good activity, both physically and mentally. It promotes hand-eye coordination, body balancing, improves your body strength and speed and stamina, and as you progressed to higher levels, you realize that it is a thinking game.

Back to where...India....yup, we went to India, particularly Kochi or Cochin, Kerala and Mumbai (aka Bombay where Bollywood is), to attend the wedding events. The best thing I like about Cochin is that you can trace a lot of historical significances there. I was most impressed by the St Thomas shrine, I guess because of my early inclination to Christianity. I cannot quite believe that Thomas, one of Jesus' 12 disciples, actually came to India. Jacob, the church caretaker (I think) was very kind to give us a lot of information regarding the history of that place. Thomas, the skeptic (because he didn't believe that Christ resurrected), happens to be my favourite simply because I can relate to him, turned out to be the one who travelled farthest to spread the message of Love. I recommend that you visit the place too if you happen to travel to Kerala, India. Don't forget to ask for miracle too. There is this small box which contain 3 objects: a right-hand rule (which symbolized his profession as an architect), a spear (he was killed by natives with that weapon when he climbed over the hills to the Tamil Nadu side) and a hand(s) (symbolizing Christ's hands and proof of resurrection to Thomas) that Jacob said you can pray over and ask for miracles in your lives.

The next interesting place was Munar. Johnny, our driver, took us on a 3 hour trip there which started as early as 6.30am. On the way, we stopped at Alir something....man, I forgot the name of the stop...but I cannot forget the delicious Parotha that I ate. Costs only 3Rp a piece! Very tasty! Must be the Ghee hahahaa..... This must be the longest and most winding trip I ever had. This lady we met at some waterfall was ahead of us but later we overtook them....because they stopped as she had to get down and vomit. Then there was also this jeep in front of us, where an Indian lady kept vomitting out of the vehicle. Seeing all this, I also almost vomitted but fortunately, we managed to stopped at Munar town in time....to rest from that journey. All this writing making me hungry now.....

Time for some susu kacang....got this Melilea brand power-based drink my mom insisted that I bring back to US.