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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chris Speaks

Wow, how to condense everything into 1 post? Maybe I'll recap by saying that this trip turns out to be unique in its own way. Hmm...should I say that I am more exposed to new age ideas that seemed readily acceptable to me at this stage of my life. Some interesting messages I was given are: "Do you know that when you are talking to somebody, you are actually talking to yourself?", "When you are talking to somebody, are you actually talking to a real person or are you talking to a person you created in your mind?" etc.

Turns out that my old friend, Gurutan (not real name in order to protect his identity but just a hint, he's from Pleiedeas....man, how do you spell that), has become rather knowledgeable and experienced in the esoteric matters. Though short, our discussions have been lively and interesting. Since I have been thinking about the same things all along, I can keep in sync with him.

My framework of the universe is this: the wave-particle duality characteristics of particles should be evident in the objects that they are made of. Therefore, our bodies would have a wave form when observed in another "plane", dimension", "level" whatever. Since waves are not bounded in space and time, it can extend infinitely in all directions.

So the question I asked next is what is an example of an object that is not bounded in space and time. Thought. See, what you thought 10 years ago can still be in your mind.....and it seems that the thought has not changed, unlike your physical body. So, an old man can still have the mind of a child and keep old memories in his mind. And thought has no barrier in space....just like the thoughts I am writing here.....it crosses into cyberspace, leaps out the screen and sticks to you as you read this. So, thoughts can jump around from one person to another....so be careful what you think. heheheheh....

Recently I have been taking some classes in pranic healing. What? You know, it's one of those energy healing technique and I am still trying to master it. Whether I succeed or not really depends a lot on my mind. Yes, yes, I have been told this many times before and even more now. The mind is a very powerful thing. It is so powerful that you can will things to become what they are. I was told that your dream state is more real than your wakeful state. I suspect that if this is true, then there is a solution to many of your problems. All the pieces of jigsaw puzzle.....masura emoto's discovery of water crystallization in reaction to your thoughts and emotions.....past, present, future lives....entities...I mean, if for a second, you can imagine and accept this truth that your world around you is your own mental creation, your viewpoint of your life would change forever. Of course, I must add that perhaps in the physical reality that you reside, what other 'people' think also matters.....and somehow, the reality is the sum of all consciousness.

Oh my God.....it just occurred that all this fortune telling and numerology business that claim to be able to predict your future and talk about your past quite accurately....based on some knowledge and formula......could it be that your mind conjured up all these stuff? Like, you know, who on earth that you know can verify these claims...most likely, you just accept these to be true. Just like in your dreams....you create stuff and believe them to be true until you are aware - enlightened?

Hmmm...a cup of susu kacang please.....I seriously need it.