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Friday, September 14, 2007

First cup of drink

What is your favourite drink? I drink all kinds of things but susu kacang is the most versatile drink. You can drink in the morning with breakfast. You can drink it during lunch. You can drink it after work by the roadside. You can drink it hot, cold....you can eat the solid version called taufu fa or soya bean curd. You can have it sweet or salty - eat together with yutiao. You can even savour different flavours and colours. I remember frequenting the famous tau nai hawker just outside KL Chinatown....don't know why but the name 'leng chai' sticks with him in my mind. He has some pink patches on both his arms. He probably made the best susu kacang ever. I also remember going to a Kedai Kopi at Seapark or something in PJ....they sold all kinds of taufu fa. I guess tau fu fa has come a long way. Nowadays you have soy-based this and that...people with allergies to milk can appreciate the susu kacang alternative.