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Monday, September 24, 2007

Mushroom braised chicken

Here's a cooking recipe for a chicken dish. My friend's mum prepared this when I was there (Seremban).

1. Pao Hiong ( Stir Fry until aroma) young Ginger (like you would with garlic and onion as a first step to stir fry almost anything)
2. Put in Mushroom ( already presoak until soft) and Chicken. Continue stir fry
3. Put in Black Sauce + some Oyster Sauce+ some Salt. Continue stir fry
4. Cover wok for a while. Open wok and continue stir fry. Repeat step 4 once more.
5. Now you're almost done. Add a little water. Stir a few times.
6. Lastly add a little Xiu Hing wine. Stir a few times.
7. Serve the food