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Monday, September 24, 2007

Dream interference

I just learned something perhaps 2 nights ago. I was having a funny dream that I vaguely remember. I think it was a small robot/cat chasing after a small robot/mouse. Then suddenly the small robot/cat transformed momentarily into a yellow Nicci bear. Like the Matrix movie, the transformation had that visual effect of a TV gone fuzzy with static noise. Split second later, I heard a voice saying "Bear bear"......the unmistakable voice of my infant daughter. I woke up but I told myself to remember this experience before going back to sleep again. What does this mean? I think there are 3 possibilities:
1. Zoey visited my dreamland as an unseen guest, saw the robot cat and thought it was a bear
2. Zoey was dreaming about her bear and her thoughts travelled to me telephatically first before she started verbalizing her image of the bear and my ear picking up her words
3. Zoey was talking in her dream and my ears picked up what she said; my brain translated the message into a visual image first (which interfered with my dream, like TV tergendala) followed by an audio voice.
Not sure which is true but what is clear to me is that external stimuli do play a role in influencing your mind creation.