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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eye vision theory

This evening I was blowing dry Stuart Tan's book on "Secrets of Internet Millionaires". Well, I didn't know that my daughter's drink bottle could spill water. So I was working on it page by page. As I was doing it, I was practising my swing - a short version but bascially I was trying to follow the path the blower was blowing. I have tried doing the swing in the living room night after night and I gotta tell you - it is not as easy as you think. You will tend to hold your gaze or stare at certain areas or your eyes will converge (cross-eye) etc. Maybe the trick is to let your nose do the walking....still, it takes practice. While you are doing it, you are supposed to be relaxed, your breathing relaxed etc. So many things to consider...how to relax, one may ask. Anyway, back to the blower. It suddenly occured to me that perhaps our retinas are supposed to receive multiple images and the brain does the job of knowing that there is only one object lying in front of you. Perhaps we have been wrong is supposing that our vision functions similarly to the optical lens i.e. we have always been told that there should be only one image when your eyes are well focused and if not, you need to get some corrective lens to do it. I was thinking that it is not possible that everyone (majority) should have 'perfect' spherical eyeballs since we also see other physical variations in all of us. Some of us are short, some of us are tall, some of us have bigger lungs, some of us have bigger b***** and d***.....hahahaah.....well, how is it possible then that all of us have perfectly shaped eyeballs? So I thought maybe we see 5 images with our eyes and the brain must somehow interprete it as 1 object. How does the brain do it? Well, maybe if it sees that these 5 images moving together, it will somehow conclude that they all belong to the same object. For example, if you close your left eye and see with your right eye, you see a dog. Then you close your right eye and see with your left eye, you also see a dog. When you open both eyes, you also see just one dog, not two. Your left- and right-side brains somehow knows to interprete it correctly. Similarly with the compound eyes of most insects - I think their brains somehow tell them correctly that the is only one object - otherwise, they would be running into many things. Anyway, if this it the case, it therefore seems possible to regain good eyesight - well, to be accurate, to teach your brain again how to interprete the data receive by the eyes. Maybe, the Bates method which specifies movement works. See, imagine your retina as being a screen and the object is from the video projector. Let's say the projector displays 5 identical apples on the screen. As you move the picture toward the edges, you eventually get one apple left on the screen. This explains the flashes of clarity you get when the object has moved to your peripheral. It is only when you get multiple images that your brain cannot understand the data but when you move side to side - you get an average of the information - like averaging signal and noise (signal represents the clear image you see as a result of peripheral vision and noise represents the multiple image data) - a clearer image. It's hard to explain here....I think I will try to write more clearly in future.


Stuart's Test Blog said...

Well, there's some experience I've had that tells me that you can read by allowing your unconscious mind to process information. You probably did that, and while you consciously can't remember what's in my book, it could do well for your career in internet marketing. :D

best wishes,
Internet Marketing Expert In Asia

Susu Kacang said...

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for visiting my humble blog. I am taking baby steps in building my internet marketing experience and still have a lot to learn. I enjoy reading your wonderful book and website, where I have learned a great deal. Please feel free to drop any comments. The susu kacang is free for lifetime, hahahha.

That is a very interesting thing that you mentioned regarding the unconscious mind. A friend told me that less than 10% (not sure the exact number) of the brain area is utilized in our daily activities. Imagine what kind of power would be unleashed if more of the brain is used. Would you mind sharing that piece of experience you have?