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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Story of Rice

I heard my wife saying to cut down on rice as it creates fat. So I decide to write a little about the story of rice. Rice is the important of the meal for most Asians. I have been told that in order for fincancially poor people to feel full in their stomachs, they would eat rice, since meat is more expensive. Rice gives them energy to go to work and work is usually physical, not like this - typing in front of the monitor. Usually they will eat a good meal of breakfast and then set off to a hard day of work. Today, hjowever, because of the frivolous claims that eating rice makes a person fat, people have become more health-conscious about eating rice. Then they are those who advertise their higher grade or quality of rice - multi=grain or brown rice etc. In the first place, I feel what needs to be changed is our sedentary lifestyle. We don't exercise enough and so do not burn the excess calories from eating rice. Most of us exercise less than 3 times a week - each time probably means a 1-2 hour jogging etc. And it's funny that most people now go exercise in the gym (some provided by the corporate and apartments) and sometimes pay huge membership fees. So what is working all about? Money, experience? Ooops.....back to rice. Why do we take white rice? I read somewhere before that thousands of years ago, the ancients have tried various kinds of rice and eventually created white rice by mixing different breeds. It ie easier to wash and clean white rice i.e. you can spot a brown or black coloured insect from the white rice. I read somewhere that there are many benefits to the rice we are eating today. A gooogle search will provide you with good information such as these:


Now, back to my debate about modern lifestyle yikkity yakkity.......next.