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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Any benefits from increased CO2 level?

(Scenic view of Scripps Institution of Oceanography.)

Have you heard of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography? Come on, it is world famous for its solid ocean research and exploration activities. I have been to Birch Aquarium many times with Zoey and learned a great deal about some of the research activities at Scripps Institute.

(Green fluorescent proteins depicted along the head of amphioxus, a fish-like animal found in coastal waters.)

Several researchers were also studying the public health implication of soot in the due to the recent wildfire.

(MODIS satellite imagery captures smoke from Southern California fires drifting over the Pacific Ocean on Oct. 22.)

Related to the issue of global warming is the increased level of CO2 in the atmosphere. Two very interesting questions were raised by kids in the Institute's e-magazine.

1. Are there any benefits of increased levels of CO2?
2. How is animal life being affected by increasing levels of CO2?

Want to know the answers? Tune in to the next post ;)