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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sound advice for newbies blogging for traffic

Recently, I read about a blogger making $72 just over the weekend from her Barbie doll blog in the Internet Marketing Singapore forum. Now, that is a lot of $$$ to newbies like me. Why is it not happening here.....boo hooo...? I welcome any good comments and advice from you....you can pick your answers in the poll survey. boohoohoo....

Anyway, I came across very good advices offered to a blogger in this forum.

Let me summarize the information in the post here in case you are unable to access it.

1. A steady stream of quality content

  • preferably daily
  • if you blog infrequently, your readers will visit infrequently
  • consistent blogging helps in getting a good standing for the search engine, particularly in the beginning
2. Your blog lacks focus when.....
  • you cover too many issues, e.g. such as ranging about yourself to Yahoo music to internet marketing to programming to investment.
(Most readers are busy people looking for specific information and may not bother going through your blog. If you need to blog whatever you are thinking about, get a separate blog to serve that purpose. But create another blog with focus topic that will become your income generator.)

3. Choose your topic carefully
  • Some topics are over-saturated already. Many serious competition in areas such as comments on Google Ad, payperpost, affiliate etc.
  • Offer value for money in your blog, otherwise, your blog will lose out to other more reputable and strong blogs.
  • For example, a good topic may be about 'lawnmowers' vs 'gadgets'
4. Make use of your strength
  • For example, you may be good at software programming and thus can provide useful tips and information written at the targeted audiences' level of understanding and meeting their needs.
  • Sometimes, objectivity in a particular topic is more welcoming than personal view-oriented writing style.
  • You can use forums to understand your targeted audiences' needs.
5. Setting up your blog properly
  • installing useful widgets such as RSS, feedburner, technorati, site meter etc.
  • get better acquainted with keyword optimization, keyword popularity, aggregators, technorati, blogexplosion, weblogs.com, blogrolling, link exchanges, trackback, blogrolls....these are just some of the things to do to increase traffic.
  • Use Google Analytics and site meter to monitor your traffic and fine tune your traffic generation.