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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas on Knob Hill

What a treat we had just now. I must be living under a coconut shell - like a frog (Malay idiom meaning 'sua-ku' or country bumpkin). The Gilfillen family has been doing this for 19 years and have featured on TV and press reports but I only accidentally found out about their Christmas light display on internet today. We met Bill who was sitting outside the house under the heater and he told us that this year they had 1300 kids coming to their house for candies and, of course, to meet Santa Claus. Well, Santa stops by for two weeks before Christmas, until 23rd Dec every year, between 6-8pm (if I remember correctly).

The Christmas display is awesome! The family started this tradition when they were living in Chula Vista but it got bigger when they moved to their current residence - and still keep growing. You can imagine what their electricity bill comes up to. The display will continue until 30th December, so be sure to catch it if you are still around. You can visit their website here, created by Bill's daughter, and it is updated every two years actually. Meanwhile, we took some pictures and video clips. I was using my camcorder to take pictures and later used Picassa to brighten up them a bit.

P.S. anyone knows how to center-align the photo text caption?

Spectacular Christmas light display viewed across the street...

...wow, had to wait for cars to clear the road to take the picture...

A close-up view of the beautiful lights...

...more beautiful decorations..

...and some more....

House number 1639

Greeting message from the Gilfillen family

Elf painting Santa Workshop as Frosty watches on

North Pole is here in Knob Hill

After a tiring day, Santa Claus needs a rest

Toy soldiers with smiling faces

Picture with Bill (wearing cap)

Dazzling Christmas lights display taken with cold, shaky hands...

Map location