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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Down on a cold winter's night

Gee, I fell sick on the eve of Christmas Eve. Too much blogging and babysitting has taken the toll on me. I must also admit that playing badminton recently despite my poor physical conditioning of late has made my body physically exhausted. Just the recipe for a bug attack.

Symptoms include painful throat, painful bone joints, muscle sore and feeling light-headed (like want to fall over).

Interestingly, the local papers (The San Diego Union-Tribune, dated Sunday Dec 23, 2007) published an article concerning how climatic change may be the cause of the people of Castiglione di Cervia, Italy, suffering from chikungunya, a tropical disease normally found in the Indian Ocean region.

Global warming news again...

It seems global warming has made it easier for tiger mosquitoes to spread the tropical virus to that part of Europe, according to the Italian public health officials. So, the town now has the dubious distinction of playing host to the first outbreak in modern Europe of a disease that had previously been seen only in the tropics.

Chikungunya or cheeky-yaya, I am going to rest early tonight. Don't play play.

My good friend tonight...