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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rejoicing in the Saviour's birth

Went to Christmas Eve service last night. Took along Zoey because I like her to capture the Christmas mood in the church. We sat right next to the choir. The choir singers were great.

Well, I think the Father's message for the night was pretty apt for me. Basically this is what he said "... as I walked in, I hear the word rejoice (with reference to the song 'Joy to the World'. We are rejoicing for the savior Jesus birth - who came to this world over two thousand years ago. What are we rejoicing about?

We live in a world where we face difficulties and challenges. So we rejoice in our savior's birth for the hope (I think something like these problems can be overcome, by getting strength and courage from God)...we rejoice to remind us that there is a kingdom of heaven...to remind ourselves that this life is only a small part of a longer journey (I think this message is for people who are condemned from living a normal life)....we rejoice to remind us of our sinfulness and weaknesses (I think this is like you are feeling guilty about the terrible things you have done but God can lead you the right way again)....we rejoice to remind us that only God can forgive us (I think this is like you are unable to seek forgiveness from yourself or others, and life is really depressing when you are stuck with that guilt, and to know that God is a source of forgiveness will be very comforting)....all we need to do is to receive Him....to believe in Him (well, no money to pay, free of charge, why not?)" among others but now I don't remember - oh dear. In one ear, out another ear.... I think it must be Zoey lah - before I can fully register, I have to take her out for 'sh-sh'.

Just as many people enjoy their Christmas celebrations with family and friends, I wonder how many are there out there who is celebrating a lonely Christmas. The priest did mention that "we rejoice in our savior's birth to remind us that we need Him. ...while there are those who don't see it that way simply because they don't need Him". I think that is very true. When your stomach is full already, you can afford to dump the rest of your food into the trash bin but not this guy here.

Begging on Christmas Day. "Hungry. Please Help. God Bless."

Count your blessings then if you are the luckier ones. If not, rejoice in the savior's birth knowing that you can count on Him to walk with you all the way, every day.