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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Anything wrong with my vision?

Have you ever seen those tiny worm-like objects moving before your eyes? You know, when you try to look at them, they tend to move away? At first, I thought they were some foreign stuff in my eyes. I also thought they were some kind of damage to the eyes as a result of staring in the sun. Or maybe see much girls, hahaha. Well, I never gave much thought to it later because it never really bothered me. In case you are wondering, here's how it looks like.

Worm-like objects known as floating specks
[Source: AllAboutVision.com]

It is easier to see them when you are looking at a plain background, like a blank wall or a blue sky. I can see them on the screen as I am typing on the laptop. It's a bit annoying but you get used to it and eventually, you don't pay attention to it. According to the experts, most of the time, they are harmless. If you are a near-sighted person, most likely you will be able to see them. There are cases, however, where you may need to seek medical treatment. Like, when you get whacked on the head. Like seeing stars.

So what are they actually?

They are thought to be remnants of some blood vessels, which nourishes the lens and other parts of the eye during fetal development. Also, as you reach middle age, the vitreous (see picture below) begins to liquefy and contract, forming clumps or strands at some parts of the eyes - which you perceived to be the objects.

I found out in Quackenbush's book that these objects are called the floating specks, scientifically known as muscae volitantes, meaning flying flies. You can find out more about them in the All About Vision website or ask Cecil Adams, the smartest human being in the world.

The vitreous and the floating specks
[Source: AllAboutVision.com]

Okay, that kind of clear things up a bit. There is nothing wrong with my vision.


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