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Monday, January 28, 2008

Money, money, money....

If you are interested to learn more about investing or trading in the stock market, I recommend a Bill Cara's blog. Currently, following his suggestion, I am reading Martin Pring's book entitled "Technical Analysis Explained". It is a thick book but I think it is worth getting one considering it is an investment. I cannot give a rating yet since I have only started on it. ;>

Anyway, while reading the comments in his commentary and community chat today, I came across an interesting video on "Money as a Debt". The running time is 47 minutes, so maybe you can order susu kacang to drink, sit comfortably and enjoy the show. Incidentally, this video comes from this website called socialistworld.net. And I found some interesting articles on current affairs related to Malaysia as well. You can read the article here. Seems like you cannot protest to the government about price rise.

Money, money, money....no money, cannot afford to buy things. Have you wondered how money is created? Not on the trees. Maybe wikipedia can tell you though the accuracy of the article is challenged by certain quarters.

How important is money to you? Money pays for your education and other bills. Yet money cannot buy happiness. You can read all the stories of wealthy people such as celebrities, dignitaries etc. who, despite their great wealth, still lead messed-up lives. Money attracts bad people like flies. When you have too much money, you become distrustful of people around you, even the closest ones like your family members. You always feel insecure and worried that people will take your money away or worse, take you away. Too little money also brings you a host of problems. Cannot pay for this and that. Not many friends maybe. Get sick but cannot pay medical bills. Always worried about no money.

Then again, I think it is easier to live with little money than too much money. If cannot afford to buy and pay, then buy less, and use less. Not many friends but the few friends that you have will be your best friends. You can trust their sincerity and will enjoy their warmth of friendship. Since you got no money, you tend to work harder and maybe move your butt around more. So maybe your health is better because of all the 'exercise' to your body. You tend not to eat 'expensive' food which may not be so healthy. The part about worrying about money - that is a mindset one has to correct. Remember the parable about the lilies and the birds in my earlier post?

So, I think stay in the middle path is better - not too rich and not too poor. What does ABBA say about money?