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Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

The vagina is our doorway to the new world, unless you are born by other means. Yet we forget to thank our mothers enough for that. In fact, there are many things we forget to thank our mothers for. (Okay, I admit to playing with keyword here but the ladies might find something useful here.)

When I was a young boy, my mother used to fetch me home from the kindergarten. We would walk for 1-2 miles before reaching home. On my graduation day, I received a very authentic-looking Ultraman figurine and a big, red color toy sports car from the kindergarten. And I remember she was there too. I also remember my agonizing dental visits where my mother would get me Kamen Riders, Tiger Dragon Tiger Gate ( 龙虎门), Old Master Q (老夫子) and Doraemon comic books to help me forget about the painful experiences. When I was in lower primary school, my mother hand-made my favourite pair of shorts which was sky blue in color. It gave me a sense of pride every time I wore it. She taught me how to paint using water color for the first time. She must have taught me how to use crayons and magic pens too. She also taught me how to play Chinese Chess and I went on to beat her. She made sure I would never go hungry although sometimes I was stubborn at eating. I remember after work, she would buy 'yong tau foo' or stuffed beancurd and other varieties from her school canteen and quickly made a few simple dishes. As a young boy, I rarely asked for anything from my parents. I was thrilled and surprised when she agreed to buy me a toy set of construction vehicles that I saw at a sundry shop.

These are some of my recollections of my childhood years with my mother. She brought me into this world and made sure that I was loved and cared for.

It is said that you only know how difficult it is to bring up children when you have your own. This is so true. I can only wonder how my mother managed to do all of these and still have to deal with other issues. That must be a mother's love.

And I can only thank her by saying "I love you, Ma". Happy Mother's Day every day.

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