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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Incredible Internet

As you can see, I have re-modeled by blog page again. It has to go with times. Cannot be Chinese New Year design when Valentine's Day is here, though technically Chinese New Year celebration is not over until Chap Goh Mei, an extension of 2 weeks and Chinese version of Valentine's Day. Instead of buying chocolates, cards, lingerie and whatnot, the young ladies will be throwing oranges into the river and making a wish for a good husband.

There is a Buddhist saying that "the key to open the gates of heaven is the same key that opens the gates of hell". So, for instance, when the internet is used for unholy purposes such as circulating porn images of celebrities, all hell will break lose. Keywords such as "Edison Chen, Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, Maggie Q, Mandy Chen, Yu Ju, Vincy Yeung, Jolin Tsai, Rachel Ngan, Candice Chen or sex scandal" will return "unflattering" search results. And with a bit of skill and patience, you can very easily retrieve the information you needed.

Such is the power of internet. It is revolutionizing our lives to a different level, an effect labeled as world-flattening by the author, Thomas Friedman. There is so much information out there and you just need to look for the good ones. That's why it is called the information age.

If you spend enough time surfing and exploring, you find a lot a free stuffs given away by generous people. I have used some of the stuff to develop my template and credit should be given to these people:

Cow's Blog
Feed Icons
Cool Text
.NET Butchering
Beta Blogger for Dummies

and still others that I might have missed out. You guys are great!

On the other hand, I learned the hard way that not everything you find on the internet is good. Personally, I won't recommend you to use Haloscan - a post-comments managing system. It wrecks your original HTML code. Fortunately, I had a back-up copy and managed to manually edit back to the original code.

I am still on the learning curve and I like to use blogspot because I learn how the how thing works. On the other hand, it is probably sensible to migrate to your own domain server eventually and use other blogging platforms e.g. Wordpress.

The internet is truly incredible. Right now, if I want to listen to music, I can just go to imeem website and listen to any song. If I want to buy stuff, I go to amazon and other sites. If I want to call someone, I can skype. The big thing now is social networking. Some say the social network, Facebook, may become bigger than Google in future.

When you use the internet well, it can open the gates of heaven for you.

Huh, really?