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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not Good Enough

The title of this post is taken from Anthony Fernando's nice website. What he says is true. Sometimes when I read other people's blog or biography, I feel so small and discouraged. I feel there is so much to do but I have so little time. And then I start to feel doubtful about my ability and hence my direction in life.

"Not Good Enough!" these words play in my mind.

Have you ever had this feeling yourself? That you are not good enough to achieve your success? These are the kind of thoughts that can prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

So, no matter how big the experts look

or how small you seem,

consider the following fact:

"Everyone who got to where they are had to begin where they were" - Richard Paul Evans.

After reading his article, I feel better about myself. I should work at my own pace. Everything takes time to build. Learning is a process that takes time. There is one important lesson I learned recently from someone dear to Amy, which is,

"....so what if you are slow or not as smart...if you cannot do it in one day, then take another day...if still cannot, spend another week etc..eventually you will get it done."

Like the tortoise. Slow and steady.

Reading about some of the stuff that the Internet Marketing experts say, I figure it is even more important to see how they work, where the thick of action is. That is, there are tons of reading material to cover but perhaps it makes more sense to just study their system of doing things and learn from these. Like, 5xmom's strategy in her obnoxious blog is to stir controversy though if you read her other stuff, you know she is not that kind of person actually.

I will try to go on.

I hope you would also be encouraged by his message of believing in your dreams and not allowing that "not good enough" thoughts from stopping you.