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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Election youtubes

There has been an ongoing argument that blogging is dead and the reason is that other people can steal your content. Ironically, Google punishes you instead and reduces your page ranking in a process called Googlewashing. Unfortunately, plagiarism is something that even happens at the highest level. Most recently, a senior White House aide was caught in the act (CNN news) and exposed by a writer/blogger named Nancy Nall.

Regardless of that, I take delight in reading many good quality blogs. Some are educational, some are informative and some are entertaining. Currently, the general election in Malaysia seems to be a hot subject among bloggers. From my survey of the blogging community, I found out that the majority of bloggers are concerned with many political and social issues that existed under the current government led by the coalition party.

Some humor would be good in the current light. The following blogs - A Daily Obsession and Funny Malaysia led me to some youtube videos poking fun at Malaysian current affairs and the election.

Watch videos about Hindraf, Lingam, Chua Soi Lek, Pak Lah

More funny videos here....


-Princess Shin- said...

Elections!!! I wonder what is happening over there!!! Everywhere there are elections happening its crazy!

Susu Kacang said...

hi princess shin, are you still up north or back home? i think we can watch the election news on internet:

(works only with IE)