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Saturday, March 8, 2008

89-year old granny standing for election

The power of internet knows no bounds. The current General Election in Malaysia also features an 89-year-old granny! She even has a blog and Facebook account.

Read more about her story in the feature article in Malaysia's online edition of the Star newspaper.

Tok Mun's blog:

Maimun Yusuf, 89-year-old granny election campaign on internet

A few days ago, I found her story in Ben Godomon's blog. I didn't realize how far-reaching the story could travel. The power of internet.....may be just beginning.

-----The following is taken from Ben's blog-----

The oldest candidate ever is in the fray, 89-year old kain songket trader and granny-of-seven Maimun “Tok Mun” Yusof, who’s going against two heavyweights: UMNO’s Datuk Razali Ismail and PAS stalwart Mohamad Sabu. She said she’s been trying to be candidate for 20 years, but “the EC has always rejected her nomination papers”; this time she made it. At the nomination centre, she was noted to be a little frail but zesty.

Update 27th Feb: She said she’s being stalked and that she’s worried. More:
- she’s run out of the 1,000 election posters she ordered from a printing company, and ordering 4,000 more even though she only started receiving them on 27th Feb, 4 days after nomination day.
- she’s said she does not know how to do ceramahs but “feel like giving one”
- she has been “talking to people”
- she lives in a rented yet dilapidated kampung house
- she’s also heavily involved in pasting posters
- she goes round on a red bicycle
- her election symbol is a key
- she has so far spent: RM10,000 in registering as candidate & RM3,000 for election and campaign preparations.
- her election “operations room” is a hut costing a mere RM200.
- it’s a given that she’ll most probably lose, as well as lose her deposit, but she defiantly said: “I have my supporters too”.
- she receives RM200 monthly as aid from the Terengganu Welfare Department
- she said officers from the said department tried to coax her into withdrawing from contesting but she refused
- her manifesto is simple (wants to save Terengganu from falling into the hands of outsiders) and very strange, including preventing PAS from selling Terengganu to the Japanese, because “PAS’ flag resembles the Japanese flag”.

Go Granny!!!