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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Can we vote for the guy who truly understands the US economy?

Everybody is talking about Obama vs Clinton, but maybe not so many people talk about Ron Paul. He seems to be the only person who is addressing the real issues with US economy. This man has already campaign himself via internet long before anyone else. I think he should get a good mark for this.

I admit I have not been following much of the US presidential election campaign. I don't know nuts about the candidates. However, just watching Obama and Clinton on youtube, I find that Obama is more charismatic and can connect better with the people (just my viewpoint, no offense to Clinton supporters).

From what I gather reading people's comments on some sites, however, Ron Paul seems to be the only guy who understands the problems with US economy. He knows how to ask the right questions as you can see in the following videos (politely but maybe not as strong as some people preferred here).