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Monday, April 7, 2008

Rice bucket

Yeah, that's what they sometimes call you in Cantonese 'Fan Toong'. The nice version means that you eat a lot of rice. The mean version means you are stupid. Well, I don't care what you mean when you call me 'fan toong' as long as I still get to eat rice. With prices of commodities rising, folks like you and me will feel the pinch not in the far future. Rice will not be spared.

And beware of the sack of rice in your cupboard. It may disappear when you wake up the next morning. It seems as income grow as Asia is expanding economically, rice is getting more expensive (actually a combination of driving factors such as higher oil prices, lower food reserves and growing consumer demand in China and India).

When rice is too expensive to eat, maybe we should think about other profitable uses for rice. What about rice as an art? For this, maybe we can turn to the Japanese farmers for idea. How about this one?

or more here. Maybe it is a good idea to start a planting rice paddies - in a large scale. One guy in China switched from autoparts to rice and making two to three times more money than selling car spare parts (see here).

Okaylah, as long as soybean remains cheap. Otherwise, my cafe also gonna suffer business drop. Wait, soybean prices also going up. Maybe don't even get to drink, because your cars will be needing it. Corn, soybean will be planted to produce biofuels. Better stock up on my susu kacang! Darn.