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Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch's inspiring messages

Today happened to be the last day of Prof Randy Pausch. As usual, I was going to the Yahoo mail website when I saw the sad headlines this morning. I have to admit that his messages have enlightened me on several aspects on how to live life right. That's it - if you live your right, your dreams will come to you. The brickwall is there for a reason. It is not there to stop you but to let you show how badly you wanted something. The brickwall is there to stop others who do not want it badly enough. Be patient with others. They will surprise and impress you.

I bought his book entitled "The Last Lecture" from Vons supermarket a few weeks ago. I wanted the book especially for my father to read. He has a number of problems - physical and emotional - and I thought the book would do him a lot of good. Well, unfortunately, I think he is not taking any interest in the book. Not much. Not enough. Anyway, I myself also would like to finish his book. I am sure it will inspire me.

I realized that I am only 7 years younger than Randy. At 47, he already has three kids and a successful career and life. I guess he pretty much knew what he wanted to do in life and went for it. As the title of his last lecture goes - Really achieving your Childhood Dreams - he has achieved (almost) all that he dreamt to do. As for myself, I think I also pretty much achieved what I wanted to do in life.

If I were given 7 more years to live, what else would I like to do? Well, I would like to see my children grow up wonderfully. Yes, I mentioned the plural word, children. We have a second daughter on May 29th. Her name is Justine. Yes, her mother was crazy over the tennis player. More on this later. Maybe I would like to travel a bit. Visit some places on earth. Maybe visit the remaining 5 wonders of the world.

If I had been given 3 to 6 months to live, I wouldn't know if I have enough courage to go through it. Randy did it. In the short WSJ clip I just watched, he said there were two things he wanted his children to know, that is, he never gave up and that he really loves them very much.

Inspiring messages......

Link: The Last Lecture Book