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Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to watch youtube/beijing2008 in US?

After fiddling for an hour or so, I finally managed to watch Beijing Olympics 2008 in US. I found out from the badminton forum that you can watch nbcolympics outside US using the program from ultrareach website. For more information, see here. By the way, badminton forum has a new welcome page!

If you like to watch youtube/beijing2008 in US however, you have to something about the cookies. Here's the website which explains very well. It in turn points to another website - Valleywag. Nonetheless, for my own record, the steps are:

1. Open YouTube.com in your browser.

2. After the site loads, find the option in your browser for editing cookies. Here's the instructions for Firefox 3.0:

* Click the Tools->Options (Windows) or Firefox->Preferences (Mac) menu option
* On the Preferences pane that appears, click the Privacy Tab.
* In the Privacy panel, Click on Show Cookies...
* In the Cookies panel that appears, search for "youtube" in the search box.
* Look for a cookie named "youtube.com GEO"
* Select the GEO cookie and click Remove Cookie

3. In the same browser window that has YouTube loaded, set your own GEO cookie by trying to open this URL in your browser. Do not break line.


You should get a dropdown dialog box that says "The page at http://youtube.com says GEO=bb84fb3cd7df0 ..." This is not an error message, it's a notification that you've set the cookie successfully.

4. You should have a rigged GEO cookie for YouTube now. Try opening http://www.youtube.com/beijing2008.

Now I am going to watch the recorded play of the closing ceremony which I missed this morning!

By the way, NBColympics website has a very good archive of the badminton matches. Now, I wonder how one can record the matches?


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