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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Internet power on Malaysia politics and Global stock market

What are some of the most important things to watch out for during this month. For Malaysians, maybe the dates 16th or 20th will be the days to keep an eye. Incidentally one of the chapters in a book I recently briefly read called Freakonomics mentioned something about politics, real estate brokers, insurance companies and Ku Klux Klan having something in common. It is very interesting to note that all three groups derived their powers from their possession of information. When they lose grip with information, they are rendered powerless.

With Ku Klux Klan, there is this guy who joined the group and learned everything about them, and then have what he learned broadcasted over the radio. Soon kids even played around with the secret passcodes that the KKK group used, much to the embarrassment of their member fathers. Eventually, the group membership dwindled.

I see a similarity with the crisis faced by the present BN-led government in Malaysia. I guess the hero in this story would be RPK who exposed many of the weaknesses in the coalition government via internet. If you want to read more, go to the Malaysia Today website (it is no longer banned).

As the book pointed out, it is the breakdown of information control that led to the downfall of those groups mentioned above. Today, if you want to get more information about insurance policies or real estate properties, you can do your research on internet. Well, in some places, however, the internet revolution is developing at a slower pace.

If you want to know what is going on with the stock market, you can always do your research on internet. However, I think the biggest challenge is to distinguish good information from bad ones.

Some of the websites I visit which I deemed useful are:

Here is where I learned about Joanne Hruska on Market Call with BNN,among others. Most of the time, the recommendation is to buy energy stocks. Check this out.

Wallaston Investments
There is a recent entry which links to some articles which examines the relationship between corporate and government bonds which I find to be very educational. It will help you understand how the market is moving.

Don't forget this blog too. A lot of interesting articles.

Last but not least, to those who are planning to buy some stocks, I think the time is about right. Probably go for gold, energy stocks......

Precious Metals

Just my personal update....