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Monday, August 4, 2008

Interesting dream....Part II

(I feel I have to put this down now because I will forget as soon as the new day begins)

Like most of the time, I forget my dreams. They are like the morning dew that eventually disappears as soon as the new day begins.

As of now, I have mild recollections of my dreams last night. I remember being with my father - or whom I associated to be my father (he probably didn't really look like my father but felt like one) and we were probably walking through some school compound looking for the restroom. Not sure if any of this make sense at all.

In another scene, I remember telling him how, earlier I have witnessed an execution order carried out on a group of people from a platform that looked like a truck or something. I can vaguely remember a particular scene where I was flying in a plane. This all seemed like a war story of some sort. It is all jumbled up, definitely. There is a particular scene where I told my father that when the casino (Las Vegas? Genting?) first opened, it was clothing optional. In fact, I pointed out in a video I watched about the place.

What prompted me most to quickly record down what I have dreamed is this particular scene.

I think I was visiting a very old house or a ship or something like that. I think I was going through the different rooms. I went to this particular room and saw a lot of old stuff. I began to examine some of the items there. I think they were from the Victorian era or something like that.

Suddenly I heard voices of two women arguing over something. There was nobody around, that's for sure. But the voices seemed to be talking about me. I looked around.

Behind me, there was an old phone by the wall and a long oval mirror just next to it. The voices seemed to come from the phone. I went to the phone and maybe picked up the receiver or maybe I didn't. Then I glanced in the mirror.

I saw a lady looking straight at me. She was wearing a black Victorian-style dress with the headgear. I think she had black hair as well. I think she was angry at me for messing with the stuff on the table. Stuff that probably belonged to her late husband or something.

I think we probably communicated a bit. I cannot remember.

I had an understanding that I had just stepped into another world. Through a doorway or perhaps a series of doorways. This understanding came to me as soon as I told myself not to be afraid. They are not ghosts at all. Are they spirits just trapped in a world that did not belonged to them? No, I told myself it did not have to be this way.

As soon as I understood things this way, I realized that I have just visited another world.

And that explains why I had this feeling of emptiness or voidness when I was putting Zoey to bed. Indeed, it could very mean that I am already dead after all. The life that I am now living could already have been over.

What about that noise that I heard earlier? Was that just the sound of furniture cracking? Did it have to squeak at the most inconvenient time?

That was probably myself. That was probably me trying to tell myself something. You know, like in the "Terminator" movie, it was me from another place and time, trying to get a message to me, here and now.

Probably, this is the closest thing I can get to experience shifting your focus....

"...there are many possibilities and the reason you are here and now is because your focus is here."