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Monday, August 4, 2008

Interesting dream....Part I

As usual, it is hard for me to finish my blog entry. After a while, my mind has wondered far enough for my words to catch up. I left the earlier post unfinished and decided to quit for the night.

It was already 2.30 am in the morning.

As I lay on my spread-out sleeping bag in the living room, I told myself to try to switch off and not allow my mind to actively wander. It is quiet here and I have deliberately turned off the lights in the corridor so that I could sleep better.

Minutes passed but I am still lingering in my wakeful state. Maybe I am drifting back and forth between here and dreamland. I am not sure.

Earlier, when I was putting Zoey to bed, I experienced a sense of emptiness or is it voidness? Can't be sure. Instead of feeling upset about it, as I occasionally did when I wondered if it had anything to do with my feeling loss sense of purpose or something, I used my current state of mind to reach for a doorway. A doorway that perhaps can teleport me to another part of the world to visit my friend.

It is a crazy idea. Minutes after trying, I gave up. I thought if I could just shift my 'focus' away from 'here', I would be able to travel different places and time.

I quickly forgot about my experiment.

Here I am, adjusting my sleep position, cannot make up my mind whether to pull up my 'sleep blanket' or not. Suddenly, there was some sound next to me, by the computer table side. I thought maybe it was the sound of my glasses falling off the table. I laid still there. Not sure if I heard correctly.

Quietly, I surveyed the room. I was half expecting to see a shadow or something in front of me.

Seems there wasn't anything. Before I knew it, I guess I had already teleported to dreamland......